kilns for ceramics and porcelain

Production of fixed-sole gas furnaces and kilns with carriages for ceramics, porcelain, etc.
Advanced control systems with Siemens S7 PLC, customised software, rapid heating and cooling and limited consumption.
Useful dimensions on customer request.

Temperatures from 1100°C up to 1400°C.

GAS OVEN 0.5 mᶾ 1300°C

GAS OVEN 1 mᶾ 1350°C

GAS OVEN 4 mᶾ 1350°C

GAS OVEN 5.4 mᶾ 1300°C

GAS OVEN 5 mᶾ 1400°C

GAS OVEN 0.7 mᶾ 1100°C

GAS OVEN 2 mᶾ 1100°C

GAS OVEN 5 mᶾ 1100°C